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Matthew Jones

Meet Matt Jones, a seasoned artisan and design-build expert with over 25 years of experience in crafting stunning spaces. As the former owner of Due South Design, Matt's journey in the industry spans a lifetime of custom projects and award-winning designs. His role as an artisan, designer, maker, estimator, owner-operator, and sub-coordinator has equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of the construction process.

Driven by his passion for creativity and artistic expression, Matt is dedicated to bringing his clients' visions to life. Whether he's sketching out designs, meticulously estimating project costs, or managing the company's social media presence, Matt's hands-on approach ensures that every detail is carefully considered.

One of Matt's defining characteristics is his affinity for technology. He seamlessly integrates cutting-edge tools and smart home features into his designs, pushing the boundaries of innovation in the industry. From operating drones to capture breathtaking aerial views to leveraging advanced equipment to enhance efficiency, Matt's embrace of technology sets him apart as a forward-thinking leader in design-build.

With a commitment to excellence and a knack for innovation, Matt continues to inspire and elevate the industry, one project at a time.

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